Gala Dinner 2015


In keeping with the spirit of preserving our cultural heritage, on the 29th of April 2015, this Gala Dinner took us to the village of Vavatsinia.  The venue, Taverna Vavatsina, a family owned and run traditional Cypriot tavern, located in the heart of the village.  The tavern is run by Takis and Thekla and also their daughter Panagiota, who is a qualified chef, keeping to the customs and traditions of Cyprus but adding a new fresh touch with her culinary skills.


Our young team of chefs cooked a five course meals using only ingredients from Cyprus and most of them being from the mountain regions of Vavatsinia and the surrounding villages.  Using ingredients like fresh Hallumi made the same day, mountain mushrooms, asparagus, lamb, fennel root, figs, carob and much more.  Combining traditional food and modern molecular gastronomy we amazed and surprised our guests with these fancy yet traditional dished.

We want to thank Takis, Thekla and Panagiota, the owners of Taverna Vavatsinia for hosting and sponsoring our events and out young chefs and also Makkas winery for sponsoring the wines of the evening.  A special thank you to the young chefs of OTI CHEF for their great effort and a wonderful meal, and lastly our honoured guests for enjoying the evening with us and their continued support.


We look forward to entertaining our guests again at our next Gala Dinner.

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