Gala Dinner 2013

On Wednesday, 24 July 2013, OTI CHEF hosted a Gala dinner which was sponsored by One Terrene International and supported by Amathus Hotel Pafos and Aris Uniforms.  The Gala dinner was an opportunity for our youth chefs to showcase their talent in Cypriot culinary culture with a modern twist.  The young chefs, headed by Chef Sergios, prepared a four course meal for an elite group of people. 

The meals were based on traditional Cypriot cuisine prepared with a modern twist.  Molecular gastronomy was used for the preparation of the foods simply to enhance the presentation, yet still allowing for the tastes to remain unchanged.

Showing that young people can take advantage of modern techniques and methods and still maintain and preserver our heritage.  Showing that typical dishes can satisfy even the most sophisticated pallets and that the simples of meals can be put on the menu of even the most extravagant of restaurants allowing every kind of person to enjoy our culture.

Thank you for our youth for taking their time to make this possible and also to our sponsors and supporters.

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