Peace Of Cake

Erasmus + : KA1 - Mobility of Youth Workers - Partner Countries

Place: United Kingdom, London

Activity Dates: 19/01/2017 - 27/01/2017

Project Description: 

When we think of peace and tranquillity, times were we can just relax and enjoy ourselves we will find that most people think of festive times, holidays and celebrations, all having food as the centre of the event. Since food is such a good medium to bring people together why not use food as a method to deal with conflict resolution.

Our project is a training course that will look at conflict resolution from a unique perspective, trying to identify the core roots of conflict in different countries and then trying to find solutions for these conflicts by further researching the roots and origins of our foods and cultures so show that we have a common and shared history and that in some way or another we have influenced each other’s cultures and therefore have more in common than we think, we share something that we love, so why can’t we learn to love each other in the same way.

We will look at the origins of the foods we call our own, identify each ingredient and its origins and see how history has allowed us to cross paths and how we can pace the future for a peace by building bridges of understanding and sharing.

We will share stories from the past and build on cooperation for the future, identify weaknesses and find ways to strengthen and support each other, we will identify conflicts and find solutions to support peace and harmony.

Our project will research the roots of our cultures and bring us together as people of the world to promote peace and cooperation in a unified world using food as the glue that bonds us, culture and the bridges that connect us and understanding as the road to future cooperation and prosperity.

The people in this project will explore conflict resolution techniques as well as building bridges with EU countries and neighbouring countries.

The outcomes of this project will help youth organisations to build on the knowledge gained during the project to develop activities in their countries to help resolve conflicts and bring people closer together.


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